For a meaningful life abroad.

Cultural integration.


Here’s the truth about expat life that no one’s talking about :


- Culture shock is a real thing and requires patience.
- It can be overwhelming, isolating and a total emotional roller coaster.
- Communicating in a foreign language can leave you feeling lost and misunderstood.
- Building a new support system takes time and effort.

But here is another truth... You are not alone!

As an expat myself (In France for the last five years), I understand your struggle and as your coach, we can work together to :

- Learn how the move overseas impacts your identity.
- Find a job or start your own business.
- Learn how to handle cultural differences at work and social life.
- Learn how to maintain contact with yourself and your loved ones.
- Open yourself to opportunities.
- Set up new goals in your life.
- Get back the sense of direction in your (new) life.
- Discover that living abroad can be a unique opportunity for personal growth.

The aim of expat coaching is to assist you in finding a balanced and happy life once living abroad away from your home country. Living abroad can be very exciting but can be also a cause of anxiety, stress and homesickness.

During our sessions you will find the answers to your questions and you will learn to fully enjoy your new life.


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